Our Ventures



Kawiky is our new proximity based social network which is coming soon to iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms - click on the logo to find out more information.

Fit of Fugly

Fit or Fugly

Fit or Fugly has been a huge success on the App Store generating over one million downloads worldwide. It is quickly becoming a cult in the entertainment category!

Rack Stare

Rack Stare

Rack Stare is an application which is based on a popular flash advert. It was created using real models and has become a cult on the App Store, generating millions of downloads.



LittleGossip was an anonymous social network which grew faster then Facebook when it first launched. It was impossible to harness the growth and the nature of the site caused us to offload it shortly after it launched.

App Store Millionaire

App Store Millionaires

App Store Millionaires is a project in the pipeline which will benefit entrepreneurs worldwide who want to get a foot in the door on the Apple App Store, it’s coming soon!

Cut It Up!

Cut It Up!

Formerly called iSlice, Cut it Up! is a game which is aimed at people of all ages, it is seriously addictive and has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet.

About us

Our Approach

Venevi has a very entrepreneurial approach to business; no idea is ever to small, and no idea is ever to big. We try a bit of everything and we are interested in every industry out there. We love creating disruptive businesses and taking an idea to a reality with the aim to make it the next big thing.

What We Are Offering You

We also love partnerships with people who believe in their product and have lots of determination. Creating something from nothing is our speciality when it comes to mobile and internet so if you have an idea or a concept you want to bring to life, speak to us.

Who We Are

Ted Nash

Venevi is officially three years old, but our founder, Ted Nash has been active online since he was twelve years old, he now runs Venevi and is taking our ventures and applications to new heights and worldwide success.

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